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The average household spends over three hours every day doing basic chores. At Happy Nest we believe life is too short to be wasted doing chores so we developed our daily housekeeping service so you have more time to do the important things in life.

Happy Nest bridges the gap between a weekly cleaner and a full time housekeeper by providing short daily cleans. Monday to Friday our housekeepers come to your home, tidy throughout, deal with the laundry and dishwasher, make the beds and deep clean a portion of your home. This means that your home is always immaculate, dirt never builds up and you are free to spend your time on the things that matter.

Happy Nest - because life is too short for chores

How it works

We attend your home for around 1.5 hours each day. We tidy, make beds, deal with the laundry and dishwasher and deep clean a portion of your home.

To compliment our service, we built an app that creates a personalised task-list for your home. It also eases communication, ensures nothing gets missed and allows you to rate each clean so that we get better and better at keeping your home exactly the way you like it.

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Arguing over chores

Being stressed by mess

Running out of clean laundry

Being distracted by mess


Having more headspace

Coming back to a calm, tidy home.

Spending more time with your family

Enjoying clean laundry, put away, every day

Our Story

We’re on a mission to create calmer, cleaner, happier homes and give you back your free time.

“Hi, I'm Zoë founder and CEO of Happy Nest. As a working mum, I found myself overwhelmed and distracted by endless chores. I had a growing awareness that housework was preventing me doing the things that I love. I had a weekly cleaner but this wasn’t making a real dent in things and I didn't have the budget for a housekeeper. I knew there must be a better way. I found someone who could come to my home for a short time Monday - Friday and it completely changed my life. No longer was I rushing in the morning trying to get everything done, no longer was my brain space occupied by cleaning or laundry and no more were there disagreements about the division of labour in our home. Happy Nest was born!"

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